The Fuchsenlohe Guesthouse


Time seems to stand still in Fuchsenlohe.


Expansive landscape of nearly untouched nature extend way beyond the horizon.


This will be your starting point for many wonderful adventures through nature, wether on short hikes or lang trails. The possibilities are never-ending.


Live is an adventure!

We invite you to rediscover nature in your own way.



Countryside Idyll - just steps away from a beautiful historic city!


The city of Ravensburg, known for its many towers and famous worldwide for its puzzles is only a 15 min. car ride away.



Our Rooms

Our Prices


Single Room: (1 twin bed)         50,00 Euros each night 


Double Room: (1 king bed)         80,00 Euros each night



optional: A tastefull breakfast - 12€ Each customer